Whole Home Surge Protection

When most people think of power surges, they imagine lightning strikes, but 70-80% percent of power surges are short, intense bursts that originate from within the home itself. The compressor on your refrigerator, your air conditioner, or even your blow dryer could be the culprit. These surges can cause permanent damage to your appliances, devices, and electronics.

Low-level power surges won’t melt parts or blow fuses, but they can cause ‘electronic rust,’ gradually degrading internal circuitry until it ultimately fails. Small surges won’t leave any outward evidence, so you may not even be aware they’re happening–even though they may occur dozens or even hundreds of times each day. If you’ve had an electronic device in your home experience sudden electronic issues or even stop working entirely, surges of power in the home could have been the culprit.

Many homeowners believe that adequate surge protection begins and ends with plugging their computer into a power strip. Some power strips are great, but others are essentially just extension cords.We recommend power strips around your computers and home theater in addition to whole home surge protection.

We believe this is something homeowners need to decide for themselves. We highly recommend you read your homeowner’s insurance policy or contact your agent and see what the stipulations are for surge protection or damage from electrical surges. Some policies do require whole home surge protection in order to be fully insured against damage from surges.

For most applications, prices start out around $300. However, there are add-ons to that base project if you would like options to protect more lines in your home from surges.  In addition to protecting your electrical wiring from surges, we can protect the data, phone and/or cable lines in your home. These low-voltage lines can also experience surges and damage the electronics connected to them. If you desire total protection, prices for that can range from $750 – $1,500.

Most homeowners go with base A/C Power Surge Protection, but we are happy to visit with you regarding options, pricing and scheduling if you would like to protect the other lines in your home.

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