Security Lighting

While most interior and exterior lighting serves an aesthetic and functional purpose, security lighting is crucial for your family’s safety. It’s used to prevent or deter criminal activity in and around a property.
Crime prevention experts agree that adequate security lighting is one of the most effective and proactive measures you can take to not become a victim of property crimes. Properly used in conjunction with a security monitoring system and surveillance system, you can ensure your home is one criminals steer clear of when selecting their next victims.

A well-designed security lighting system will typically include the following key components:

Interior Lighting
That’s right! The key entryways need to be lit so others outside the home can see suspicious activity.

Timers and Automation
These can be used both inside and outside the home to give the appearance that the home is occupied and residents are awake at all times. These should be used both when you are in town and out of town to establish a pattern of occupancy.

Exterior Lighting
Placement of the exterior security light is very important. Key points of entry, as well as all areas suspect for theft or vandalism, need to be highlighted.

Motion Sensors
These keep your security lighting from shining at all times. If something suspicious is happening on your property, motion sensors make sure everyone can see it so it stops.

We’ve designed and installed security lighting in countless Edmond and Oklahoma City homes, working directly with homeowners or through local security contractors. We can work with security contractors to fully integrate the lighting, automation, surveillance and live monitoring for seamless operations.

Like other lighting projects, the price of security lighting can range from a couple hundred dollars for one or two fixtures installed, to several thousand dollars for full-on lighting and automation. We can serve you better if you have a budget in mind when we discuss your project. 

We begin projects by having a conversation about your needs to make sure we are a good fit. If that’s something you’re interested in, we’d love to talk with you!

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