Residential HVAC Maintenance

We don’t want to see anybody replacing their heating and air conditioning equipment prematurely. Proper maintenance is the key to longevity on what is typically one of the larger investments in a home. The "smart" investment to save money on your energy bills and preventing potential costly repairs is our Energy Smart Agreement, click below for details:

We will charge $99.95 per system for all of our heating and air conditioning maintenance services. Many homes will have one heater or furnace and one air conditioner (you will likely know if you have more than one of each in your home). There is no additional service fee charged for scheduled preventive maintenance services.

We’ll schedule air conditioner maintenance services in early Spring. Furnace and heater maintenance services will be scheduled in the fall. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule in getting these services completed.

We will communicate about any points of concern we find during our maintenance services, and will even craft an upfront pricing proposal for the repairs, if any are needed. There will be no pressure for you to make those repairs at that time, but we will give you a 15% discount from our standard repair prices if you decide to move forward at that time.  If you decide to have those repairs completed at a later time, we will happily come out with no additional service fee charged and for the prices previously quoted to you in writing.

If you need a repair service on a system after we performed a maintenance service on it at any time during the following season, there will be not be a separate service fee charged for us to come back out and assess the situation. You will be given an upfront price for the repair needed.

This once-a-season maintenance service ensures you can breathe easy knowing your heater and air conditioner are in good hands, with no additional investment for unforeseen issues that may occur. We guarantee our preventive maintenance services will keep your heater or furnace and air conditioner running all season, or we will come back at no additional charge!

Energy Smart Agreement

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Energy Smart Agreement
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