Residential HVAC Installations

When to replace your heating and air conditioning system is a decision that looks different with each person. Some of our clients prefer to wait until their current HVAC system is inoperable, while others prefer to preventively address this need so they aren’t missing heat or air conditioning at the worst time.

Terry's American works with clients in either of these scenarios. We are often asked to fill the role of trusted advisor, helping you decide whether or not it makes sense to preventively replace your air conditioner or heater. We’re happy to help in this way, but we can do that best by having a conversation with you about your needs. Click here to read some of the common questions we’ll ask.

We know that shopping for a new HVAC system can be extremely stressful, and we’ve found that having clear communication about your expectations and the way we do business helps to lessen that stress.
Before we come out to your home to give a free estimate for an air conditioner or heater installation, we will want to have a phone conversation with you. There’s no obligation to work with us because of this phone call, but we don’t want to waste your time. Talking about your needs before we visit your home helps us figure out if we are a good fit for you.

If you’ve received quotes from other companies and are comfortable sharing those with us, we can tell you whether it makes sense for us to keep visiting, or whether you should move forward with one of the quotes you have already received. We aren’t a good fit for everyone, but we want you to have your needs met regardless.

While we can help in most situations, we have found some where we may not be able to.
Window unit air conditioners, floor furnaces, space heaters:  We do not repair or service these types of heating and cooling systems, but we can upgrade them.

Pricing an air conditioner, heater or HVAC system replacement over the phone:  There are hundreds of air conditioners and heaters on the market. Without seeing your situation in person, giving a firm price over the phone would be impossible and we would be doing you a disservice. Typically, our complete systems start out around $7,000, which is competitive in national and local markets.

If we agree on a solution that fits your budget and needs, we will get the installation set up as quickly as possible to accommodate your busy schedule. We represent many of the top manufacturers and have ongoing working relationships with virtually every supplier in town, so we can offer a wide variety of solutions. Click here if you’d like to read more on what to expect with an HVAC installation or replacement from Terry's American.

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