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Parking Lot Lighting

Quality commercial parking lot lighting is one of the most visible ways a business can convey they value their customers and employees safety. Baxter Commercial Services has the experience and tools to design, install and service a parking lot lighting solution that is cost effective and aligned with your business needs.   

The key to good parking lot lighting design starts by determining the amount of light needed and any local code restrictions in place. These factors may influence pole height and dispersion angle of light from the fixture. The last thing a business wants is a light pole to collapse due to the strong Oklahoma winds, so our team will only specify poles that can stand up to our weather.     

From restaurants and hotels to warehouses and retail, Terry's American can design, install and maintain commercial parking lot lighting that will support safe operations and enhance the security for your employees and customers. 

Does your business have parking lot lights that flicker or are burned out? We have bucket trucks to service lights at almost any height above ground and our technicians are experts in fixing the problematic lights others have failed to fix.  

Our team can help solve your parking lot lighting challenges:

  • Pole Installation
  • Pole Replacement
  • Fixture Repair
  • Fixture Replacement
  • Bulb Replacement
  • Rewiring
  • Eliminating ground faults
  • Pesky flickering lights

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