Outdoor & Landscape Lighting

We know you have spent countless hours laboring on your home’s curb appeal. Don’t let that curb appeal disappear once it gets dark! One of the most overlooked areas of home improvement is the exterior and landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting offers a multitude of functions for homeowners: safety, nighttime aesthetics, accessibility, security, recreational, and social uses. Just like interior lighting, there is a large variety of fixtures, bulbs and controlling devices and features for landscape lighting.  Most of the landscape lighting we see used today is low voltage, for a variety of reasons. Primarily, low voltage is safer to work with and less costly to install and operate.

More than just picking the right fixtures and bulbs, a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing lighting scheme is also about artistry. What part of your home do you want to showcase?  We commonly see shrubbery, plants and trees featured, as well as pathways, driveways and steps.You may have certain architectural features you wish to show off. Swimming pools, fountains, waterfalls and even sculptures are good candidates for landscape lighting.

Whether you have already planned the design or need some professional insight for it, our professionals can help you make it happen.  While lighting up a tree or two is typically a DIY project, we often run into projects much larger and more complex than that. For these larger projects, we highly recommend using a professional company.

Professional installations can take one to several days, and time to properly design and source materials adds to that timeframe. Much like interior lighting projects, we have seen projects start out at a few hundred and have had several in excess of $20,000. Whatever your budget, our first step is to have a conversation with you about your needs.

Looking to start your next outdoor or landscape lighting project? Call us for a conversation.

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